Then She Was Gone – Lisa Jewell


Hey Chums – almost the weekend and a hot one planned for this weekend. Hope you can enjoy it or find the shade – whichever your preference is.

I have just finished this book – this picture was taken whilst I was caring for my friends dog alongside my dog. Safe to say very limited reading happened that day as they were a mini tornado!

Book Summary

This novel is a gripping story that follows the story of a mother, Laurel, who ten years ago experienced a terrible, heartbreaking experience. Ellie, Laurel’s then fifteen year old daugter who was smart, beautiful and warmhearted disappeared without a trace. Laurel never gives up hope of finding her beloved daughter and the story begins with Laurel being stuck in her found routines that she has encompassed in order to manage the loss of her child.

Laurel meets a charming and warm male, as if by pure fate, in a coffee shop one day that quickly leads to his bedroom and then staying the weekend and then each others lives. Laurel quickly meets his daughter and she is astounded to find she is the mirror image of her missing daughter. All of the raw feelings and emotions return after ten years of being quashed. Laurel investigates for herself and her family, and what she discovers is mindblowing.


Loved, loved, LOVED this book. I wish I could have just sat and read it from cover to cover but sadly life got in the way so instead I had to fit it into any breaks I had. There were so many twists and turns that every page kept on turning. I grew very attached to Laurel and her family and really really wanted to get a conclusion and answers for them. The answers were more shocking that I could ever have imagined.

About The Author

Lisa Jewell was born in 1968 in London. She continues to reside in North London with her husband, two teenage daughters and her dog. Lisa wrote her first novel, ‘Ralph’s Party’, which quickly became the best-selling novel of 1999. Lisa has written nineteen further novels, most recently dark psychological thrillers. Lisa is a New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author and has published books in over twenty-five languages – quite the CV!!

Favourite Quote

“Naked”, SJ says. “Just as you say that there’s no shame in getting older, I think there’s no shame in being naked. And don’t you think”, she continues “that if people say you shouldn’t be allowed to ban burkinis on the beach, then really, the natural extrapolation of that is that full nudity shouldn’t be banned either. Like, who decides which bit of a body should or shouldn’t be seen in public? If you’re saying that one woman legally has to cover her breasts and her minge then how can you tell another woman that she’s not allowed to cover her legs or her arms? I mean, how does that even make sense?”



To conclude…. THIS.BOOK.IS.AMAZING. Does that cover it? Go get it immediately!


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