The Cry – Helen Fitzgerald


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I did watch the drama that was produced about this novel but I watched it over a year ago. I knew there was a twist at the end but I couldn’t remember at all how that twist went or what it was. The writing in my copy was large so it was a nice quick, easy read.

Book Summary

Little Noah, Joanna and Alistair’s newborn son, goes missing from the back of their hire car on a road in Australia which leads to a police investigation that will turn into a global hunt and a internet sensation.

Lies snowball leading to Joanna and Alistair blaming each other and ultimately turning on each other to protect themselves. Joanna finally starts doubting herself and what she believes has happened to her son and decides to try and make things right.

A dark psychological thriller that is gripping with a moral dilemma which will keep you guessing through to the very last day.

About the Author

Helen Fitzgerald is an Australian writer and screenwriter. She was born and raised in the country town of Kilmore, Victoria and was the twelth of thirteen chidren. She attended the University of Melbourne and studied English and History before attending Glasgow University and completing a Diploma and Masters in Social Work. She worked as a criminal justice social worker, working with serious sex offenders in Barlinnie Prison. She left this role to focus on her writing career but uses her experiences as a social worker to inspire her writing.

Helen has written 14 novels to date; Dead Lovely, The Devil’s Staircase, My Last Confession, Bloody Women, Amelia O’Donohue is SO not a virgin, The Donor, Hot Flush, The Dublicate, Deviant, The Exit, Viral, Worst Case Scenario, Ash Mountain and this novel, The Cry.


I really enjoyed this book and this was reflected in my reading speed. I started and finished within approximately 48 hours. It is a lovely easy read, a psychological thriller and a real gripper!

I loved the switch between Joanna and Alexandra, the ex wife. As the story goes through Joanna becomes more unreliable and then more reliable leaving the reader desperate to know more. Joanna’s narrative is executed perfectly throughout and shows the raw emotions associated with losing a child throughout.

The ending caming to a very abrupt end and I hoped that there could have been more. I would have liked a full conclusion or a fast forward five years, for example. I was again shocked by the twist at the end, as I was with the BBC series but I hoped for a full explanation and was disappointed to not get that.

Favourite Quote

For the first time in a long time I don’t have a favourite quote – not sure it would be appropriate in a any case!


Overall I really enjoyed the book, as I enjoyed the BBC series. I was glad I forgot the plot so I could catch up and be absorbed in the story once again.

*Book and Series: 9/10

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